Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tissue Poms and an Upcoming Party!

Hey girls (and guys, if there are any reading this post (-;)! I am super excited to be finishing up work on a baby shower this week and hopefully by next week, I will have some pictures to post for you! I also have another baby shower coming up in a couple of weeks, so it is going to a busy, busy month here and I couldn't be happier. Today, I have a little tutorial for you on how to make the ever popular tissue poms. As far as I'm concerned, it wouldn't be a party without them. :-) I know there are TONS of tutorials out in blogland for these and I'm sure that there are plenty with much better pictures than mine, but I decided to do it anyways. By the way, I'm working on upgrading my picture quality, so be patient with me, please. :-) Anyways, on to the tutorial! First, you start with at least 8 sheets of tissue paper. The more sheets you have, the fuller your pom will be.
If one side is longer than the other, start accordian folding the shortest side. My sides were the same length, so it didn't really matter where I started folding.
When you are finished folding, find the center of your tissue paper and tie some wire, string, ribbon, etc. around it tightly. I forgot to do this next step, so there are no pics for it, but at this point, you may want to trim the ends of your paper. You can either round them or give them a pointed tip depending on the look you're going for. You'll see in the final pictures that I gave all of mine (except this one) rounded tips.
Now all that's left to do is to gently pull the layers of tissue paper apart and fluff into the shape you want. This one didn't turn out great, but the ones that I remembered to trim the tips of turned out pretty ok.
So now you've gotten a sneak peek at the shower that I'm working on this week. Hope you'll come back for more! See you soon, Jamie


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