Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fridge Organization

So, this Organization Challenge has really inspired me! I now want to organize everything in sight! I'm not sure I should post this, but I'm going to anyways. Please remember when you see the before pictures, everybody has a dirty little secret somewhere in their home. Some people's secrets (mine, for example)just happen to be a bit dirtier than others. Are you scared yet? If not, you should be. ;) You are about to see the most frightening before pictures ever.... pictures of the inside of my fridge. Stick with me though. If you can make it through the before pictures, the after pictures will be worth you being scarred for life. ;)

The before picture: Doesn't get much worse than this, does it? There are no words...
Pretty bad, huh? Do you think you'll survive after seeing that mess? Does it make you feel better about the "mess" you thought you had in your fridge? Are you ready to see some after pictures so that you can get the awful images out of your head? Here you go!

As you can see, I added some shelf liner to each shelf. Maybe it will help me keep it clean! I also prettied up the outside of the fridge.

Soooo, what do you think? Do you think I have a chance of winning the challenge? Maybe not, but either way, I'm happy I did it. Makes me smile everytime I open the door or walk in the kitchen. :)
Hope I've inspired you to pretty up or organize your space! See you soon, Jamie


  1. love those baskets for condiments, and all the beautiful bottles lined up in the door!

  2. Thank you! The baskets make it so easy to find what you're looking for!

  3. Great job Jamie!!