Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organization-Challenge 3

So, for the third space in the Organizing Challenge that I am taking part in, I'm tackling a closet. My bedroom closet, to be exact. If my typing becomes jumbled, it's because I am buried under an avalanche of clothes.... Please send help.

Of the three bedrooms, our closet just happens to be the smallest. Doesn't seem fair, does it? The things we do for our teenage daughters. :-) She would never survive with the smaller closet... Not that she really uses her closet. Most of her clothes just end up on the floor. Anyone else have this problem? Sorry, I'm rambling. Back to the point of this post. One small closet + Two people using it = One big mess.

Here is the before picture. As you can see, we were not using this space to its fullest potential. The set of plastic drawers was really just a big waste of space.

The hanging clothes were just shoved into the back of the closet. It made them really hard to get to and I forgot half of what I had.

Handy Dandy Hubby's clothes were just thrown up on the top shelf. This drove me NUTS!!!

I did have my purses hanging on Command hooks on the door. They kind of got in the way when we opened the door though.

Some of hubby's clothes were shoved in the other corner of the closet and there were things just piled on the floor. Not cool. :-/

Now for the after. I took everything out and got rid of anything that doesn't fit or that I no longer wear. I bought 2 shelves from WalMart (for only $20.00 each) and put them in the place where the green drawers had been before.

I folded the clothes that didn't have to be on hangers and put them on the shelves. Since these shelves are much shorter than what was there before, I am able to slide the hanging clothes with no problems.

Before, I didn't have a place for shoes in the closet. Now, the top shelf is the perfect place for them.

I still feel like there is a lot of wasted space on that top shelf. I'm working on coming up with a solution to that very soon. Until then, this closet organization has definitely improved the function of this closet. Please don't forget to go and vote for me over at A Bowl Full of Lemons!
See you soon!

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