Monday, January 7, 2013

Organizing- Challenge 2

Hey everybody! I told you in my last post that I am participating in an organizing challenge hosted by some amazing bloggers. Well, today I'm showing you the results of the second challenge, the kitchen! Let me just tell you up front, my kitchen is the size of a shoebox. Now, you might be thinking that a small kitchen should be easy to organize, less space, less stuff, no big deal, right? Wrong! See, for some reason, I didn't get the memo that said less room = less stuff. I seemed to think that I could have enough stuff to fill a kitchen the size of the Grand Canyon. Don't worry though, I came to grips with reality. I needed to do some serious purging. I mean, let's be honest here, if you know me, you are already laughing because you know my dirty little secret. If you don't know me, let me fill you in... I don't cook... like, ever. Why did I have all this stuff taking up space when I NEVER use it?!! Someday, when I have a bigger kitchen, I swear, I'll start cooking. Until then, some of the chaos must be tamed. Please don't judge me when you see the before pictures!!!

The snack cabinet before. Everything was just shoved in there and we never knew what we had.

The snack cabinet after. I got rid of anything outdated, poured the cereal into some containers that I already had and sorted the snacks into a tray I had in my "supply closet".

I don't have a before shot of the baking cabinet, but I did get a few after shots.

Canned food cabinet before. I's bad.

After: I moved the canned goods to another spot and transfered the pasta to some jars I had on hand. I also put all of our miscellaneous stuff and our hot chocolate and drink mixes into baskets I had on hand.
This is the mess I was left with after I had emptied out everything that was outdated or being moved to other containers.
Ok, you're going to think I'm crazy... I moved my canned food to a drawer and I love it!!! It's a pretty deep drawer so I am able to see what I have at a glance. So different from them being stacked in a cabinet and hard to see!
My bottom cabinet before. YIKES!!!
And after a LOT of purging...Much better!

Ok, now for some random pictures. :-)

Have I ever told you how much I love labels?!!

Well girlies, that's all for today. Hope this inspires you to organize a drawer, a cabinet or maybe your whole kitchen!
See you soon, Jamie


  1. I'm all about purging lately! Looks great!

  2. Getting rid of all that stuff just makes you feel so much better, doesn't it Heather?!! Thanks!

  3. Looks good again Jamie!! You are going to be super organized by the end of January at this rate. I'm in need of some of that too!!

  4. Thanks Angel! I hope I end up super organized, but I think it's probably going to take longer than a month! :)