Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Organizing- Challenge 1

So, I might just be the tiniest bit obsessed with a website called A Bowl Full of Lemons. Toni (from Bowl Full of Lemons) ,along with some other AMAZING bloggers, has issued a challenge. Get organized during the month of January one space at a time. The first space is supposed to be your office/desk area. Hmmmm, I don't have an office, but I do have what passes for a desk. Now, I'll be honest, Handy Dandy Hubby uses the desk much more than I do, but he really just uses it when he's on the computer. As I got going on this challenge, I realized that the desk really wasn't being utilized as much as it could be. I started to question why we even had a desk. It had become a dumping ground for miscellaneous papers and other things and there was nothing pretty about it either. I also had a small bookshelf that I used to hold some office supplies, but it was definitely NOT organized. Time to change that! :) Some before pictures (sorry for the poor quality, still working on that).... I hated the blank wall above the desk!
The desk "organizer"... Haha!!!!
And now for the after....
I used a poster frame I had collecting dust in the closet and backed it with wrapping paper. As soon as I make it to Walmart to buy some clips, it will become my memo board. I have one like it at work and I love it!
I organized the shelf and moved the printer from the floor to the top of the shelf. Much better!
I recovered a chair I had sitting around in my favorite pattern...Chevron!!!
My Household Binder. You'll be seeing more of this soon.
My desk organizer went from that awful before picture, to this. Much better!
I forgot to mention, this project cost exactly $0.00!!! Everything I used was stuff I had on hand! So, there you have it. My newly organized and decorated desk area. Hope this inspires you to organize or pretty up a space of your own! See you soon! Jamie


  1. I love the bulletin board and matching chair. And the desk is simple but it works very well in your space. Awesome job!

  2. Great job Jamie!! LOVE the chair and the memo board. It all looks great!!